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Materials from SharePoint Saturday D.C.

Thanks to everyone that attended my “Making SharePoint mot look like SharePoint” presentation at SP Saturday D.C. Here are the slides:¬†MakeSharePointNotLookLikeSharePoint In addition, here are the JavaScript and CSS I used during the presentation:...

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Office 365 Suite Bar/Top Bar empty

I had an issue the other day with an Office 365 Enterprise E1 plan. The Suite/Top bar was empty. I didn’t see my Sites, NewsFeed, Calendar, etc… Here is what I saw: Here is...

Breadcrumb in SharePoint 2013

Breadcrumb in SharePoint 2013

A great functionality of SharePoint 2010 is the breadcrumb: In fact, one of the most common questions I get in my training courses is how to get back home. Most of my clients have...