Adding Office/SharePoint Apps to the Office App Store Seller Dashboard

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The following are lessons I learned when deploying my first app for Office in the Seller Dashboard. My app was an Office app (but, it looks like the steps are similar for SharePoint). I wish I would have known more about the logos I needed, screenshots, support websites, etc… when I started. So, these are really notes for me for future apps that might help others out too.

Apps are deployed through the Seller Dashboard at

  1. Account Approval
    1. It can take around a week (at the time of writing this) to get an account approved. I had all my code ready to go for app approval and didn’t realize I had to wait to get my account approved.
    2. Is this a company or individual account?
    3. Do you have an icon (96 x 96 pixels)?
    4. Do you have a good description ready?
    5. Do you have a website to explain your company or yourself?
      1. App preparation
        1. What kind of app is this?

          SharePoint, PowerPoint, Excel, Excel Embedded, Word, Project

          Note: You can have a single app that is in a Task Pane (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Project). But, Excel Embedded and SharePoint have to be created with seperate manifests.

        2. Where are you going to host your app? Apps are just html5 webpages. I suggest Azure if you don’t have a website ready.
        3. Is your site https? Azure has https by default ready.
        4. Make sure the app package has the same provider name in the manifest as submitted via your account on the Seller Dashboard.
          1. App deployment
            1. App must be approved. Account for some time for this.
            2. Do you have an icon (96 x 96 pixels)?
            3. Have a good description ready?
            4. Do you know your price point?
            5. Have your app package ready (xml file from compiled solution).
            6. Do you have screenshots ready (514 x 384 pixels)?
            7. Do you have a support document website for the app?

          Lastly, please understand the approval process:

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